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This Hanging Cheek or Filet Baucher is Stainless Steel with a Copper Lozenge.


The Hanging Cheek creates pressure on the poll, as the cheek piece has an extra ring above the snaffle ring where the bridle cheek pieces are attached to. This poll pressure encourages the horse to lower the head and come on to the bit especially useful for horses that have a high head carriage.

The Double Jointed Copper lozenge version of this bit reduces the nutcracker action, and gives some tongue relief. The copper gives a warm, soft feel in the mouth, which encourages salavation and acceptance.

This bit is Dressage legal.

Available Sizes: 5"/12.5cm, 5.5"14cm, 6"/15.5cm

Code 25B100

Hanging Cheek with Copper Lozenge


    What our customers say


    Beautiful quality leather. The noseband is available in a plain, classic style to match my existing Dever bridle, so I can swap nosebands for jumping or showing. It is great to be able to buy a spare Grackle pad too - especially as good quality English leatherwork will last for years and years and it is the pad which will wear down first. Very quick delivery and a fair price for tack of this quality.




    Great quality products, fast delivery.




    Great service and fabulous quality leatherwork at very competitive prices, I only use genuine English leather and the craftsmanship is top-notch




    Excellent quality bridle, just what I wanted (a plain bridle with an extra deep cavesson noseband for hunter showing classes). The bridle arrived within two days, free postage, and with a free bridle hook for the tack room, which was a lovely gesture. Very happy with my purchase.



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