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Dever began in June 1991 selling English leather saddlery products from a small van across the United Kingdom. Born out of a heritage of racing, as one of the company’s founders, Peter Dever, was both a Saddler and proffesional Jockey. After a succesful racing career he joined forces with Nicola Manton whose sales and marketing experience created     the now synonymous Classic Blue Dever Brand.  With over 27 years in business the company continues to grow and is still run as a family concern, which ensures customer service remains a priority.   


The brand soon expanded to offer a greater range of  bridlework and cover  other horse riding disciplines...

Adding Ascot

Concerned by the low quality imported leather bridlework coming into the UK, Dever launched its Ascot brand in 1995.

Maintaining its high standards and attention to detail, but offering the rider a product with outstanding value and dependability. Ascot continues to go from strength to strength.

Dever Steel

With so many bridles being sold the Dever Steel range was introduced to provide riders with the possibility of a wide range of bits to match their bridles.  A comprehensive range of stirrup Irons complements perfectly the look of a traditional or modern rider.

Dever Rider

In 2011 Dever introduced Jodhpur boots to the range to provide riders with a quality leather boot at an affordable price.  The range now incudes the cosy Moritz Winter boot; keep your feet warm in Winter with this one!  

A small range of quality stylish breeches further expanded the Rider range in 2013.


Dever has numerous stockists across the United Kingdom but is always looking for new quality retailers for the brand.

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Dever Saddlery is a supplier of horse equipment, outdoor clothing and attire for the horse and rider. Established in the Cotswold, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Dever Saddlery has been supplying horse riding equipment for over twenty five years.  The range of horse riding equipment and accessories is extensive, covering the main Horse Racing, Dressage, Show Jumping and Polo as well as general leisure riding.  The Dever Brand provides a range of options to suit all requirements.  Dever Classic provides outstanding quality, featuring English Leather. It has been the mainstay of the Dever Saddlery Company since the beginning with products added through the years.  Distinguished by the Dever Saddlery blue labelling it has proven itself time and again with rigours that are placed on it during Horse racing. 

For those seeking a quality at an affordable price, the Dever Ascot products are the perfect choice for all riders including Polo riders and Dressage riders. This is shown by the availability of a complete polo set for all of the leather items required.  Dressage riders also have the option to stand out from the crowd, with a white lined Dressage bridle.  The Dever Ascot products provide a great option to people who aspire to the Classic.   The Dever Ascot is shown identified with its red labelling.Dever Supplies the fantastic and ever popular Synthetic Comfort Girth. The popularity of this girth shows how Equestrian Riders like the quality and comfort it provides.  Dever Steel is the place to find your Horse riding bit.  The extensive range of bits includes some exclusive to Dever Saddlery such as the Colne Gag bit. Dever Rider is a Dever Saddlery Horse Riding Clothing Range.  Dever has many stockists and please explore our website to see all of the possibilities. Dever is the best choice for horse riding equipment, we specialise  in leather riding equipment however we also have a range of synthetic horse riding equipment.

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