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Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain web pages.


In order for you to purchase items from Dever Saddlery Ltd online, you need to have some cookies enabled on your computer or device.


If you disable these cookies, you may be able to still browse the site, however you may not be able to make purchases or take advantage of other features.


Cookies cannot harm to your computer or device.


Dever Saddlery does not store any information in cookies that could directly identify you (such as credit card details, for example).


We use cookies on the Dever Saddlery Ltd website to keep track of what you have in your basket, and to remember you when you return to our site.


We also use encrypted information stored in cookies to improve your experience of the Dever Saddlery site.


This might include suggesting products related to your searches, or storing information about errors you may encounter on the website so that we can resolve them.


We also use third-party scripts on our website to tailor the content you see on the site – for example, to show you related products similar to ones previously purchased or searched for.


2. How do we use cookies?


2.1 Shopping CartWhen you add multiple items to your cart, a cookie is used to remember all the items that are in your cart. This cookie is stored for a short period of time, in case you want to return to our site later that day to complete your purchase(s).



23 Payment ProvidersIf you wish to pay using Paypal, cookies are required to retain your order details when you leave the Dever Saddlery  website, to process your payment on Paypal.


2.4 AnalyticsWe use a service called Google Analytics to provide insight into how customers use our website. For example, we can see what the most visited products are, identify issues, or find out if anyone read our latest blog!  We use this information to improve our customer experience, like showing you our most popular gear, improving the speed of the website and providing content you want to read.


Please Note: This cookie stores no personal information about you and your personal browsing activity is anonymised, so cannot be monitored individually. Analytics cookies can be stored for up to around 30 days. This allows us to see how many users have returned to the site after an initial visit.

2.5 Facebook ModulesThe embedded Facebook comments and Facebook Like buttons use cookies, set by Facebook, to determine whether you are currently logged into Facebook or not. These cookies are not used to collect data. We do not have access to this cookie data. Both of these services are hosted by Facebook on



We define cookie types as either 'First Party' or 'Third Party' cookies. First Party Cookies are those provided by Dever Saddlery or our partners. Third Party cookies are ones that are utilised when you use certain features of the site. This might include sharing product information using Facebook or Twitter 'like' or 'share' buttons, for example.


Some cookies are known as 'session cookies' - these cookies are only stored on your computer while you are using your web browser. These cookies are deleted when your browser is closed. Other cookies expire after a certain time period.


Providing you with this information is part of our initiative to comply with recent changes in the law regarding online privacy and the use of cookies, and our wider aim to provide a clear and honest approach to issues of privacy for our site visitors and customers.



Most web browsers allow you to manage cookies, and will have cookies enabled by default. You can read this guide on how to turn all or some cookies on or off in some of the most common browsers.

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