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Dever Ascot Leatherwork

Stylish, Contemporary Designs, for  Comfort and Affordability.

Dever ascot

Ascot Bridlework

Ascot by Dever offers an extensive range of Bridlework to meet the needs of the modern Equestrian; it is produced from quality leather by experienced craftsmen and offers today's rider exceptional value for money.


Take a look at our extensive range which includes leather bridles, bridle spare parts to extend the life of your bridle. Dever also has a wide range of leather breastplates and martingales. There is also a selection of reins with rubber grips to plaited reins.

For those seeking a quality at an affordable price, the Dever Ascot products are the perfect choice for all riders including Polo riders and Dressage riders. This is shown by the availability of a complete polo set for all of the leather items required.  Dressage riders also have the option to stand out from the crowd, with a white lined Dressage bridle.  The Dever Ascot products provide a great option to people who aspire to the Classic.   The Dever Ascot is shown identified with its red labelling.  Since it was introduced the Dever Ascot range has gone from strength to strength. The Dever Ascot Flash Bridle, Dever Ascot Show Bridle and the Dever Ascot Dressage Bridle provide a fantastic level of quality at a more affordable price.  This also applies to the Dever Ascot Adult Stirrup Leather, Dever Ascot Child Size Stirrup leathers. If you want to kit out your horse with breaking the bank then the Ascot Bridle work range is for you. The Dever Ascot range provides great value.    

Dever Saddlery is a supplier of horse equipment, outdoor clothing and attire for the horse and rider. Established in the Cotswold, Gloucestershire, Cheltenham Dever Saddlery has been supplying horse riding equipment for over twenty five years.  The range of horse riding equipment and accessories is extensive, covering the main Horse Racing, Dressage, Show Jumping and Polo as well as general leisure riding.  The Dever Brand provides a range of options to suit all requirements.  Dever Classic provides outstanding quality, featuring English Leather. It has been the mainstay of the Dever Saddlery Company since the beginning with products added through the years.  Distinguished by the Dever Saddlery blue labelling it has proven itself time and again with rigours that are placed on it during Horse racing. 

Dever Comfort System,  The Dever Comfort Bridles increase comfort for the horse by unifying the headpiece and sliphead into a single unit with shorter cheek piece straps either side of the horses head. The unit has padding over the poll of the horses head to add additional comfort.  This system is extremely popular and recently it has become available with a plain noseband.  To ensure the best value Spare parts are available for Bridles and can in most cases be sized mixed if you need to tailor your bridle.  Dever also supplies Stirrup Leathers and in many sizes from Childs Stirrup Leathers through to adult stirrup leathers in three lengths, including Ladies Stirrup leathers and Gents Extra Long Leathers.   

Dever Supplies the fantastic and ever popular Synthetic Comfort Girth. The popularity of this girth shows how Equestrian Riders like the quality and comfort it provides.  Setting itself apart with a centrally located gel pad that helps horse comfort.  The Dever Comfort girth is available in many sizes and is available with or without elastic.  The Success of the Comfort girth is extended with a Stud girth version providing a perfect low cost comfortable stud girth alternative to leather versions.  The range of Dever Saddlery girths is rounded out with the Dever Competition Comfort Girth.  This Girth has a removable neoprene pad which provides additional comfort and helps prevent girth slip.  Synthetic fleece liners can also be purchased for use with sensitive horses. The Fleece girth liners are available in black and white.

Dever Steel is the place to find your Horse riding bit.  The extensive range of bits includes some exclusive to Dever Saddlery such as the Colne Gag bit. The Dever Steel range of bits still covers all the standard snaffle bits, Hanging Cheek Bits and Sweet iron Bits. As well as horse bits Dever Steel includes a range of Stirrup Irons, the flexi Iron is a favourite for many riders as it aids rider comfort and encourages correct leg position.

Dever Rider is a Dever Saddlery Clothing Range.  The Rio Jodhpur Boot provides a great leather Jodhpur boot at synthetic boot prices. The Rio Jodhpur Boot can also be worn a Chelsea boot for a great fashionable look. To keep your feet warm in winter Dever Saddlery has created the Moritz Winter Boot which is lined with synthetic fleece and features a riding sole. A balanced level of warmth means they are excellent for cold mornings through more of the year.  Dever breeches provide an excellent alternative with a range of everyday breeches, Sport Breeches and very popular Thermal Breeches.  The Thermal Breeches are the perfect choice for those seeking to keep as warm as possible on cold days.  Whichever of the Dever breeches you choose they will serve you well.

Dever has many stockists and please explore our website to see all of the possibilities.

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