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Welcome to Dever Saddlery Ltd.

Proud to be celebrating 30 years of selling quality Saddlery

Our Dever family now consists of Classic, Ascot, Steel and Rider, plus we have specialist collections for our Racing and Polo customers


Dever Be the rider you dream to be


Jodhpur Boots, Breeches, Half Chaps 

Whips and Gloves

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Dever Be the rider you dream to be


Bridle Work, Leather Work, Girths

Dever Be the rider you dream to be


Bridle Work, Leather Work, Reins 

Dever Saddlery Ascot Products - Ascot Comfort Bridles - Ascot Show Bridles - Ascot Rubber Grip Reins - Ascot Bio Grip Reins - Ascot Breast Grirth


Comprehensive range of Bits, Stirrup Irons and Spurs

Dever Saddlery Steel - Dever Horse Riding Bits - Snaffle bit - Colne Gag - Dever Stirrup Irons -  Dever Flexi Irons - Dever Spurs - Dever Sweet Iron Bits- Dever Apple Mouth Bits


Over 150 U.K. stockists to choose from