Dever Classic Ribbon Browband.


These quality Browbands are a bespoke item hand made in the UK. This enables us to tailor make each browband to your required colours. We offer an extensive range of both velvet and satin ribbon colours* and they are made on a top quality leather base.


If you'd prefer please contact us with your specific requirements at or telephone on 01242 620003.


Important notes:

Sharks tooth design

You can choose your 2 colours in either ribbon material (velvet or satin)


Diamond design

You have the option of having 1 diamond colour or 2; where you choose 2 colours they will appear as alternate colours on the finished product


For browbands with a velvet outer edge, the diamonds will be made of satin

For browbands with a satin outer edge, the diamonds will be made of satin


*Please note the colour charts (in the images) show a representative colour of what will be produced.


Velvet/Satin Ribbon Browband

Colour of Leather