Dever Stainless Steel & Copper Colne Gag


The Colne Gag offers the same direct poll action as the Cheltenham gag, but has full cheeks for steering and straightness. It also has a copper roller in the centre of the mouthpiece which encourages the horse not to fix on the bit and increases salivation. Popular with eventers, showjumpers and on the hunting field. A useful addition to your bit collection. Made exclusively by Dever.


This bit is used with Gag Cheeks see additional pictures.  You can add 5/8"/16mm or 3/4"/19mm Leather Gag Cheeks in the options. 


Stainless Steel with Copper Roller

Available Sizes 5"/12.5cm, 5.5"/14cm, 6"/15.5cm



Colne Gag