Dever Tom Thumb Bit.


The Sweet Iron Copper Tom Thumb is a popular bit amongst showjumpers and eventers. It has a similar action to an American gag but without the action of the mouthpiece being raised up in the horses mouth. The mouthpiece of this bit is a combination of Sweet Iron & Copper. The Copper players soften the joint & add tongue pressure. The Stainless Steel cheeks give leverage, particularly if the reins are attached to the lower ring. It encourages the horse to lower its head & also provides brakes.

The combination of Sweet Iron and Copper makes this bit very palatable and almost all horses will salivate and soften in response to the taste. The loose ring Copper players in the centre of the mouthpiece are a distraction &  give the horse something to think about. This bit offers a milder option when used with the smooth side of the mouthpiece facing inwards; the stronger option is to use this bit with the Copper Ridges facing inwards.

Available Sizes: 5"/12.5cm, 5.5"/14cm,  6"/15.5cm

Code 25B374 

Tom Thumb with Black Sweet Iron Mouth and Copper Players