Dever Steel Traditional Hunting Stirrup Irons with Black Rubber Treads.


These Stirrup Irons are also known as P.S.O.B.( Prussian Sided Open Bottomed). For safety the Irons should be wide enough to allow about 1/2" (1 -1.5cm) on either side of the riders foot to avoid the foot getting caught in the Stirrup Iron in the event of a fall. These Irons are supplied with black rubber treads and are suitable for many disciplines.


Sold as a Pair


Spare Treads  can be purchased seperately.


Sizes Available: 4.25"/11cm, 4.5"/11.5cm, 4.75"/12cm, 5"/12.5cm

Code 25I013 






Steel PSOB Hunting Irons

Tread Colour: Black
  • Hand Wash in a mild detergent.

    Dry with a soft cloth.