This Full Cheek Snaffle has a Stainless Steel core with Soft Rubber covered bars.


This Full Cheek Snaffles soft rubber mouthpiece is a gentler option, ideal for young or sensitive horses.This Full Cheek Jointed Snaffle With Soft Rubber Mouth helps to control the sideways movement of the horses head, which makes it a useful steering aid. The Full Cheeks aid straightness & steering. Fulmer loops ( which can be purchased separately) can be fitted from the top of the bit to the cheek pieces of the bridle, to help keep it aligned.

Available Sizes 5"/12.5cm, 5.5"/14cm

Code 25B321

Full Cheek Snaffle With Soft Rubber Jointed Mouth

  • Wash in warm water.

    Dry with a soft cloth.