Dever Tom Thumb Bit with Copper Lozenge.


The Stainless Steel Tom Thumb is a popular bit amongst showjumpers and eventers. It has a similar action to an American gag but without the action of the mouthpiece being raised up in the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece of this bit is a combination of Stainless Steel & Copper. The Copper lozenge softens the joint action. The Stainless Steel cheeks give leverage, with the reins attached to the lower ring. It encourages the horse to lower its head & also provides brakes.

The Copper makes this bit very palatable and almost all horses will salivate and soften in response to the taste.

Available Sizes: 5"/12.5cm, 5.5"/14cm, 6"/15.5cm

Code 25B375



Tom Thumb Bit with Copper Lozenge