Fine Quality English leather Flash bridle with Stainless Steel fittings.


This Flash Bridle is supplied with a beautifully raised flash nose band, with a 1/2" (13mm) wide flash strap. The use of a flash nose band helps to keep the horses mouth closed. This helps prevent jaw crossing and bit evasion. All these benefits give better leverage and control. A firm favourite and one of the most popular bridles for many riding disciplines.


This Flash Bridle is available with:


1/2" (13mm) Cheek pieces, Headpiece & Browband with a Standard width 3/4" (19mm) Flash Noseband

Sizes:  Pony, Cob (Noseband 7/8" (22mm) )


5/8" (16mm) Cheek Pieces, Headpiece & Browband with a Standrd width 7/8" (22mm) Flash Noseband

Sizes: Cob, Full



Classic Flash Bridle

PriceFrom £109.95
  • Leather should be cleaned and conditioned regularly to keep it supple and to prolong its life. Here are some useful tips on how to maintain your bridlework:-

    i) Always apply leather conditioner several times before using new tack, this will soften and protect the leather before use.

    ii) Remove sweat and grime everytime the bridlework is used, using a slightly damp sponge or cloth.

    iii) Re-apply leather conditioner as necessary, climate and use effect this, like watering a plant too much is as bad as too little!

    iv) Depending how often you ride, you will need to dismantle your bridle completely for a thorough cleaning periodically. This will involve using leather cleaner (not saddle soap) and the re-application of conditioner.

    v) Check the stitching and billets regularly, paying particular attention to where the bit is attached to the bridle at the reins and the cheek pieces, any wear should be repaired, or replaced by a reputable saddler immediately.