Apple Mouth Dutch Gag with 4 Rings & a Peanut Lozenge.


This Dutch gag is also known as a Continental or 4 ring gag.

This bit can be used with one or two sets of reins. The bridle cheek pieces are attached to the top rings above the mouth to produce more poll pressure. The reins can be fitted to any of the lower rings: the lower the reins are fitted the stronger the leverage.The Apple Mouth version gives a softer feel in the mouth. The Peanut encourages the horse to mouth more and also reduces the nut cracker action of a single joint.

Stainless Steel core & rings.

Available Sizes:  5"/12.5cm, 5.5"/14cm, 6"/15.5cm

Code 25B006

Apple Mouth 4 Ring Gag With Peanut Lozenge