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Ascot Polo Equipment is available in a complete set or as single components.

The Rules of Polo

1. Each Polo Side has four players. Umpires wear stripes to be identified.

2. A polo match is broken down into seven and a half minute time periods called Chukkas.

3. The team changes end after they score a goal.

4. The Polo players change their ponies at the end of a chukka, they can sometimes changing them sooner this is to ensure the horses welfare and maintain the speed of the match.

5. A regular match lasts for four Chukkas (30 minutes). Higher level matches can be six or eight Chukkas in length.

6. In a similar way to golf players are handicapped according to their skill level. From -2 for beginners up to 10 goals

7. Players must ensure they follow the line of the ball. Failure to do so by crossing the ball results in a foul and a penalty being played

8. Polo is a contact sport and players can hook the mallet of their opponent to prevent them making a shot.

9. Players can tackle their opponents, as long as they are shoulder to shoulder to push the opponent away from the line of play.

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