Ascot Polo Equipment is available in a complete set or as single components

The Rules of Polo


Each Polo Side has four Players. Umpires wear stripes to be identified.



A polo match is broken down into seven and a half minute time periods called Chukkas.



The Team changes end after they score a goal.



The Polo Players change their ponies at the end of a chukka, they can sometimes changing them sooner this is to ensure the horses welfare and maintain the speed of the match.



A regular match lasts for four Chukkas (30 minutes). Higher level matches can be six or eight Chukkas in length.



In a similar way to golf players are handicapped according to their skill level. From -2 for beginners up to 10 goals



Players must ensure they follow the line of the ball. Failure to do so by crossing the ball results in a foul and a penalty being played



Polo is a Contact sport and players can hook the mallet of their opponent to prevent them making a shot.



Players can tackle their opponents, as long as they are shoulder to shoulder to push the opponent away from the line of play.

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For those seeking a quality at an affordable price, the Dever Ascot products are the perfect choice for all riders including Polo riders and Dressage riders. This is shown by the availability of a complete polo set for all of the leather items required.  Dressage riders also have the option to stand out from the crowd, with a white lined Dressage bridle.  The Dever Ascot products provide a great option to people who aspire to the Classic.   The Dever Ascot is shown identified with its red labelling.Dever Supplies the fantastic and ever popular Synthetic Comfort Girth. The popularity of this girth shows how Equestrian Riders like the quality and comfort it provides.  Dever Steel is the place to find your Horse riding bit.  The extensive range of bits includes some exclusive to Dever Saddlery such as the Colne Gag bit. Dever Rider is a Dever Saddlery Horse Riding Clothing Range.  Dever has many stockists and please explore our website to see all of the possibilities. Dever is the best choice for horse riding equipment, we specialise  in leather riding equipment however we also have a range of synthetic horse riding equipment.

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