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Competition Girth

Webbing Substrate : Strong double layer nylon webbing for strength and longevity.

Competition Girth (4).JPG

The Dever Competition Girth provides comfort, grip and versatility. 


Neoprene Liner: The removeable Neoprene Liner provides provides a soft contact surface whilst providing an excellent level of Anti Slip. Liners can be purchased seperately to extend the life of your girth

Roller Buckles : The strong Stainless steel Buckles make for easier fastening.

'D' Ring  : Dedicated 'D' Ring for Attachments.

Elastic Both Sides : The Strong double thickness elastic increases comfort.

The Dever competition girth also provides the versatility use a soft synthetic fleece liner for more sensative horses.  The girth comes with the neoprene liner as standard with the liners available seperately. 


The 'D' Ring lets you attach your Breastplates and Training Aids easily and securely.

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