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Staying warm when riding in Winter

Experiencing the thrill of horse riding is addictive, trying to move ever closer to the perfect synchronicity of horse and rider for the perfect jump or turn of speed. But tending to your horse in the cold months of the year in the early hours of the morning are a necessity not a charm.

So prying oneself away from a warm bed to head to the stables or field in the dark and the cold early mornings is simply something that has to be done. Just like the electric milk float driver of yesteryear, or the market stall trader collecting their produce.

Here are a couple of products that Dever have up their sleeve to help.

Be safe Be Seen

The Tech belt provides a great way to give you access to your phone, it stretches to fit even large scale phones, and other odd things you might need. But it has the added advantage of either being luminous green or a black with a LED light built in. Turned to be rear facing the belt helps you be seen by motorists. The LED model can be rotated to face front and in the pitch dark will illuminate a few steps in front of you, leaving your hands free.

Warm Cosy Legs

You could wear some thermal tights under your breeches to keep you warm, or you could save time and effort with the Dever Rider Thermal Breech. These breeches are fantastic for keeping your legs warm with four way stretch for comfort and flexibility. There is no velcro strap at the ankle to rub your leg only a stretch nylon sock. Water resistance is high to keep you dry. Available in black and Berry Red. So they look good too, the best kept secret in riding wear.

Knees and Toes

Well the thermal breeches will keep your legs warm but what about your feet, Well the Dever has you covered there too. The #Moritz Winter Boot is fleece lined to keep you snug. The fleece is brown to match the leather boot with no stray bits poking out of the top to get dirty. The boot is great value for money as it provides a much longer season of use autumn through to the end of spring.

Put your hands in the air

Now available a wide range of gloves in a variety of styles from the luminous Ultra Safety Glove (… a great companion to the #TechBelt) to the Fleece Thinsulate Glove which ideal on cold mornings and evenings.


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